About TermStays

Malaysia is one of the best destinations in the world where long term vacations are possible all year round. General good weather throughout, English Language is understood everywhere, highly acclaimed food destination, treasured and preserved cultural traditions, friendly and helpful Malaysians, and highly developed modern medical and transportation infrastructures – these are the reasons Malaysia ranks so high as a travel destination.

TERMSTAYS™ promotes Extended Living Holidays to foreigners to have more than a place to stay but a truly memorable living experience in Malaysia. We offer different combination of experiences and will even cater to your requirements.

Welcome to TERMSTAYS.

TERMSTAYS caters to foreign visitors for mid and long term stays in Malaysia, in hotels, apartments, houses and homestays.

Every year, an unrecorded number of visitors come to Asia to escape the cold harsh winters, and some away from the hot dry summers.

The requirements and needs of such visitors are very much unlike regular hotel stays. Any stay for more than half a month will start behaving with some domestication, with needs for cooking, a well stocked fridge, accessibility to fresh foods, and recreation beyond the premises, etc. Interaction with the local community or nearby populace happens.

As such, we at TERMSTAYS would pre-approve such suitable places and put them up on our site as selected choices.

Interested parties can start to choose and plan their termstay ahead of time. TERMSTAYS will help to obtain more information on behalf of the enquirers before they confirm their plans.

We clearly understand that a termstay is not just a typical hotel stay. We will also provide a local contact number for onward concierge services whenever it is needed.

We will keep improving our services with more information and tools during this building up and learning period. We hope you will find our services beneficial. Do email us of any enquiry and we will respond with our utmost care. Should we be unable to meet your requests, we will persevere to find good alternatives for you.

Key Markets:
1.  Winterover Termstays in Malaysia from both hemispheres.
2.  Wellness Termstays Pre & post operations, treatments, recuperative; general well-being, spiritual, emotional,  wellness camps, etc.
3.  Academic Termstays – Academic, research and sabbaticals.