Planning A Family Malaysian Vacation

Vacations are not easy to plan for, and this is even more so for those traveling in a large group, hence we feel that we would try to lessen the burden by coming up with this aid to help you plan your next trip down our country.

Airlines that travel within the SEA region that has Malaysia as a destination

  1. Air Asia
  2. Malindo Airlines
  3. Malaysian Airlines
  4. Thai Airways
  5. Hainan Airlines 
  6. Eva Air
  7. Asiana Airlines
  8. Garuda Airlines
  9. ANA Airlines
  10. Singapore Airlines
Transportation Information within Malaysia

Malaysia has recently consolidated most of its public transportation services into one banner which is MyRapid. For more info, check out their website here.

Notable beaches in Malaysia

  1.  Tioman Island 
  2.  Perhentian Islands 
  3.  Redang Island 
  4.  Pangkor 
  5.  Nipah Beach
  6.  Langkayan Island
Budget Advice Per Location*

To provide better financial planning, we have provided you with the allocated amount spent during these time periods on 3 of our most visited cities.

Kuala Lumpur: :  RM138(Daily), RM968(Weekly), RM4,149 (Monthly)
Penang Islands: RM81 (Daily), RM568(Weekly), RM 2,424(Monthly)
Kota Kinabalu: RM225(Daily), RM1,574(Weekly), RM 6,476(Monthly)

*Figures are based on an estimated average