Best Hiking Treks In Malaysia, Part 1

Malaysia is known not only for its diverse culture but also for its multitudes of amazing hill ranges and forest trekking opportunities for the avid trekker. so, today we list down some of the popular and hidden gems within Malaysia that you should find the opportunity to visit during your travels here.

1. Broga Hill, Semenyih

Broga Hill, is one of the more popular climbs located in Semenyih,Selangor. The climb itself is not too strenuous and if you plan ahead, the sunrise view makes the climb all the more worth it. Peak hours begin in the early hours of 5AM to 7AM. There is parking space available for those making the drive.

2. Bukit Keluang , Terengganu

This hill begins with a climb on a man made ladder which brings you to the start of the trek. The trek itself is estimated at 45 mins and it also provides you with a nice seaside view. Additionally, it is situated near the Bukit Keluang Beach which makes it ideal for those who wants to take a dip after a long trek.

3. Bukit Kubu Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor

For those aiming at a more challenging climb, Bukit Kubu does not disappoint. This 4 hour hike will require you to be physically ready as this hike is equivalent to a mountain climb. Cool fact, there is an abandoned bungalow at the top for those looking for some additional adventure.

4. Bukit Kledang Ipoh, Perak

This trail has multiple entrances including a paved road for those who prefer a more casual approach.
Bukit Kledang has an assortment of activities that you can enjoy such as biking, trekking, jogging and walking, Trek duration is around 4 hours, longer for those who takes the paved roads.

5. Bukit Saga Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Few expect there to be a hiking trail near the Kuala Lumpur region but located right outside the Cheras area is Bukit Saga, which is a well-known haunt for superhuman like senior citizens who trek the 5KM trail back and forth each morning. The climb is moderately difficult as there is a combination of flat terrain and rock climbing. The hill even rewards trekkers with a refreshing waterfall on one of its paths. Those trekking in Bukit Saga will also find that there are always hikers that frequent the area between 6 AM to 6 PM.

That's all we have for now, but take these areas as a shortlist for hills to travel to if you ever come down to the heart of Asia for a trip.